Koh Samet - Thailand

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Tomada el 18/04/10
Sunny morning on Koh Samet !
(Model : Moo).
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Latitud: 12° 34' 4" N, Longitud: 101° 28' 6" E ver »

Lugar: Thailand

Comentarios sobre esta panorámica:

Qué envidia me das! :-) Unos días antes yo estuve en Sicília, y no hacía tan buén tiempo!!! Ntx!
Por Iban Borràs | 05/05/10 - 00:45:11 GMT +0200
Hi Iban,
Weather is capricious even here, it was raining for 2 whole days before this pano...
Unfortunately i haven't seen Poj this time because i was staying on seaside at first to avoid Bangkok Riots and Poj go Singapoor at the end of my stay, i plan to go another time this year if everything ok... (i was locked only one night in airport because of the volcano crisis ;-) )
Por David | 05/05/10 - 02:56:03 GMT +0200
Hi David, so good to see you in The Kingdom again, That's too bad that we cannot meet. From your panorama, feel like walking barefoot on the beach with your Model: Moo (Thai word mean Pig or someone fat) which I totally disagrees :-). Let's have meeting on next trip then.
Hi Poj,
feel free to walk barefoot on the beach ;-))
but be careful with my nadir, i spent time to perfect it :-)
(i think Moo get her nickname because she is just under 1,50 m and make curious sounds when she eat - ok just kidding here or my mini model will get angry ;-) -
Por David COSNEFROY :: davxmedias.com | 06/05/10 - 08:13:25 GMT +0200

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