Bernard and Raquel Trip to Bangkok

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Tomada el 12/07/10
Bernard, Raquel and Mortadelo Filemon visiting Bangkok and my messy room :-)
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Vorapoj Songcharoen
Miembro Oro

Latitud: 13° 52' 33" N, Longitud: 100° 37' 28" E ver »

Lugar: Thailand

Comentarios sobre esta panorámica:

Bernard is so lucky! Wish I could visit your wonderful country some day (and your studio too)
Por Enrique Alvarez | 13/07/10 - 10:56:37 GMT +0200
Hi Enrique Alvarez, you are welcome anytime :-) Bernard and Raquel now in Cambodia and later Vietnam.
Por Poj Songcharoen | 13/07/10 - 18:48:26 GMT +0200
Hey Poj jajajaja, You've done it !!!. Listen we are leaving tomorrow and we are going to Vietnam, when we came back we just drop you an email or call you back.

The tempeture here it is a little bit cooler so...........But we just spend 3 days of stress going through all temples :).

See you in two weeks and we will call you. Ok?.

Que caló que hace Enrique ni te lo crees 38grados pero con una humedad que si no es el 90 falta poco, buffffffffffffffffffffffff. Eso si de vacaciones no te voy a mentir, se lleva mucho mejor :)
Por Bernard Custard | 14/07/10 - 07:35:43 GMT +0200
To Lia and me would have loved to be with you ... Another time! Greetings from Valencia!!!
Por Iban Borràs | 22/07/10 - 01:27:38 GMT +0200
Hi Iban and Lia, we all missed you. Also looking forword to ViewAT Pro version! CANNOT WAIT TO SEE :-)
Por Poj Songcharoen | 22/07/10 - 10:15:10 GMT +0200
Hi ,
i think Poj will become the most friendly Viewat author if every of us visit him :-)
Por David | 12/08/10 - 02:09:12 GMT +0200
Hi David, Long time no talk, how are you? It's will be nice if everybody can visit me here in Bangkok :-)
How things going in Franch? Anything new? I have new site to promote tourist in Thailand, it is call The idea of panorama for everyone. You can comments it. I also looking forword to the Pro version of So excite to see.
I have a book for you on your next visit.
Por Poj Songcharoen | 12/08/10 - 02:33:52 GMT +0200 looks promising :-)
(just send you an email)
Por David | 12/08/10 - 02:56:25 GMT +0200

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