Sony Develops New “RGBW Coding” and “HDR Movie” Functions

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We think this could be great news for our community. Do you think it would be a good movement for Sony?. Here you´ve got the press release they did today. Also you will see a video with the funtions.
Tokyo, Japan - January 23, 2012 - Sony Corporation (“Sony”) today announced the development of two CMOS image sensor models designed for use in smartphones and other devices. They are equipped with Sony's unique “RGBW Coding” function which allows images to be captured with low noise and high picture quality even in low-light conditions. They also contain Sony's “HDR (High Dynamic Range) Movie” function which allows brilliant color to be captured even in bright settings. Sony has also developed a model with built-in signal processing functionality, an element that usually requires external embedment.
  Sony has successfully developed new stacked CMOS image sensor technology that realizes higher image quality and superior functionality in a more compact size. The three newly developed next-generation back-illuminated CMOS image sensor models will be the first to utilize this technology. Samples will begin to successively ship starting March 2012.
1. Sony's unique “RGBW Coding” function enabling clear shooting in dark rooms or at night
  The built-in “RGBW Coding” function which adds W (White) pixels to the conventional range of RGB (Red-Green-Blue) pixels has realized higher sensitivity, enabling high-quality shooting with low noise even in dark indoor or night settings.
  While the addition of W (White) pixels improves sensitivity, it has the problem of degrading image quality. However, Sony's own device technology and signal processing realizes superior sensitivity without hurting image quality. Furthermore, while the individual pixels of the newly developed models are extremely minute at 1.12μm, the incorporation of the “RBGW Coding” function has realized a SN ratio (signal-to-noise ratio) equivalent to that of a unit pixel size of 1.4μm under conventional methods, which in turn has enables the image sensors to achieve a higher resolution at a more compact size.
  The new models are also able to output signals through the conventional RGB method, thus there is no need to change the signal processing adopted in existing devices.
  • Comparison of Sample pictures in low-light setting (10 lux)
    Comparison of Sample pictures in low-light setting
    (10 lux)
2. “HDR (High Dynamic Range) Movie” function which enables brilliant colors to be captured even in bright settings
  The built-in “HDR Movie” function enables brilliant colors to be captured even in settings with a wide range of light including bright light.
  Typically, when shooting with differing light levels, such as an indoor setting against a bright outdoor background, there can easily be blocked up shadows for dark areas or blown out highlights for bright areas. Such phenomena are a result of the combination of low-light and bright-light which have different optimal exposure conditions in the same shot. This function reduces this by setting two different exposure conditions within a single screen shooting and conducts the appropriate signal processing for the captured image information under each optimal exposure condition. This process generates an image with a broad dynamic range and enables shooting of both the background and subject matter with brilliant colors even in a bright environment. 
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Herramienta de chrome para geoposicionar

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Apple launches iBooks 2

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We're here at Apple's education-flavored event at the Guggenheim museum in New York City. Phil Schiller has just taken to the stage and announced the first half of Apple's platform that's going to "reinvent the textbook:" iBooks 2. Saying that there were 1.5 million iPads currently in use in Education (using 20,000 specific apps), the revamped book-stand now includes education-specific features to help the budding students of the world.

You'll be able to paw through content, stopping to flick through detailed 3D animated models of elements within, access video and definitions without leaving the page. VP of Productivity Applications, Roger Rosner said that "Clearly, no printed book can compete with this:" given the constantly-updated data available, that's kinda obvious. Still, you'll be able to read in a text-heavy portrait or picture-biased landscape mode and there's also the option to have random pop-quizzes appear to keep you on your toes. Annotations is an integral part of the system: you can add stickies to individual pages and aggregate them into virtual 3 x 5-inch note-cards for revision during finals. You'll also get the same purchase, download and re-download rights you enjoy in the company's other stores.

The company's partnered (initially) with textbook makers Pearson, McGraw Hill and Houghton Mifflin Harcourt, as the trio are responsible for 90 percent of all textbooks sold -- as well as DK and the E.O. Wilson Foundation. Phil was gushing, saying that he couldn't "overemphasize the importance of these partners working with us." Pearson's High School Science, Biology, DK's Dinosaurs and Prehistoric Life, Natural History Insects, Animals and My First ABC as well as the first two chapters of E.O. Wilson's Life on Earth will be available at launch -- the latter is free. You'll be able to download iBooks 2 from the app store free of charge, whilst textbooks themselves will cost $14.99 or less : a far cry from the $80 dead-tree textbooks we shelled out for in college.

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Canon EF Lens to Sony NEX Smart Adapter

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canonef - emount_05

Dear Patron, we underestimated demand and the first batch sold out in a few hours. We are manufacturing the next batch immediately. We apologize!!!

If you have already placed an order with us, this product will be shipped from Hong Kong to you by post no later than February 5, 2012.

Your PayPal receipt is your order confirmation. There is no separate email confirmation until shipment takes place. 

If you would like to be notified when we will be in stock again, please follow 'conurus' on Twitter. 

Please note that Metabone's fulfilment center in Hong Kong is closed in observance of Chinese New Year holiday from January 21 to January 29.

This Smart AdapterTM has the following features:

  • True electronic integration of aperture diaphragm - let camera automatically choose aperture in P or S exposure modes, or dial in yourself on the camera body in A or M modes.
  • Powered by camera body. No external power source required.
  • Wide open button (opposite of depth-of-field preview function) makes manual focusing easy.

Disclaimer: we are NOT licensed, approved or endorsed by Sony or Canon. This product is developed independently without any involvement of Sony or Canon.

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Noticias relacionadas a la Fotografía Panorámica desde Xatakafoto

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360° Con Tamaggo

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En el CES 2012 las novedades fotográficas han sido muchos, y la verdad es que marcas de renombre como FujiNikon o Canon, han mostrado las más sonadas dentro del terreno. A pesar de esto, siempre se cuelan ciertas marcas o cámaras que no por ser menos conocidas nos dejan algo de innovación dentro del sector.

Este ha sido el caso de Tamaggo, una cámara con una forma muy parecida a un huevo, y con unas dimensiones que caben en la palma de una mano, que es capaz de realizar fotografías de 360º de una sola toma. La cámara dispone de un sensor de 14 megapixeles, y monta unas lentes panamórficas de 360º. Uno de los puntos fuertes de la cámara es que gracias a su sensor de orientación sabrá en cualquier momento la colocación de la cámara para saber que tipo de panorámica realizar (vertical, horizontal , tierra-aire..). Además para realizar dichas fotos dispondremos de una pantalla LCD táctil de 2”. 


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