The top of Kukisvumchorr mountain

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Prise le 31/03/2010
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Matériel utilisé:

Canon EOS 350D


The panorama has been made using Microsoft ICE and Pano2VR tools

Latitude: 67° 39' 46" N, Longitude: 33° 41' 37" E see »

Localisation: Russian Federation

Commentaires sur la panoramique:

Why not uplaod to Photosynth instead?  There is a button directly in ICE to do so and the viewer is much better than this one.  See some examples here:;type=Panorama&time=Last30Days
Par Crom | 02/04/2010 - 15:40:30 GMT +0200
Thank you! I'll try to use your advice! I heard about Photosinth very long time ago.
Par Valeriy Evdokimov | 20/04/2010 - 21:50:00 GMT +0200

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