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Creating multimedia virtual tours and 360° panoramas since 2003. So far I was mainly working in Europe - Latvia, France, Italy, Sweden, Canarias.

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The most highlight panoramas by Vil Muhametshin

Great and Small Guild houses in Old Riga, Latvia

122 votes

Both Great Guild and Small Guild dates from the 14th century when Riga was a member of Hanseatic League (cities which dominated the trade around...

”River of Lights” at the light festival ”Staro Riga 2011”, Latvia

120 votes

From November 17th - 20th in the central part of Riga the festival of light "STARO RIGA" ("Shine, Riga!") were held.The concept of light has been...

Kokle - traditional Latvian musical instrument

111 votes

Handcrafted music instruments and toys, a little bit of wooden furniture, collection of World music, ancient-style Latvian jewelry and a nice...

Libava sailer, an authentic historic replica of a pleasure yacht of the 17th century in Jurmala, Latvia

102 votes

Welcome on board Libava sailer, an authentic historic replica of a pleasure yacht of the 17th century. Build after prototypes of shallow-draught...


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