Eflatun Pinar, Hittite Monument, Turkey

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Prise le 09/08/2012
Eflatun Pinar was a holy spring in the time of the Hittite empire around the 13th century BC. In the 2nd millenium B.C. the Hittites ruled an empire that reached from western Turkey - Troja was a Hittite city - to the borders of Egypt. In the 1980s the level of the water was above the old walls, and the altar, made of big stones, much deeper in the artificial lake. In 2012 the place had been "restored" to a "picnic area" and lost its archaic magic. My homepage also shows a panorama from 2007.
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Latitude: 37° 49' 31" N, Longitude: 31° 40' 28" E see »

Localisation: Turkey

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