Fariborz Alaghehband

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Isfahan ,Iran

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Fariborz Alagheband
Born in Isfahan, Iran

• Member of Iranian Graphics Designers Society
• Member of Cultural Heritage Friendship Photographic Society

Fariborz started photography as a young boy learning from his father and has continually pursued it from 2002 with special interest in architecture and nature. He has recently focused on panoramic photography and virtual tours. This is his first published work and various other achievements include:

• Photo exhibition titled "Experience Iran" along with musical performance in Oxford University – 2009
• Panorama photo exhibition in Contemporary Art Museum, Esfahan – 2008
• Ashura photo exhibition in Farshchian Art & Culture Hall, Esfahan – 2007
• Spiritual photo exhibition in Ershad Hall, Esfahan – 2007
• First art & cultural memorial named Red Sunrise, Esfahan – 2005

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The most highlight panoramas by Fariborz Alaghehband

Khajoo Bridge

50 votes

Khajoo Bridge built in 1650 coinciding with Shah Abbas Safavi II reign has two decks with 133 meters length and 12 meters width and 21 chambers....

33Pol Bridge

30 votes

Siose Bridge was built in 1596 during the reign of Shah Abbas Safavi I with the expense of his famous commander, Allah Verdi Khan. The bridge...

Ali Gholi Agha Bathroom

30 votes

This public bath was built by one of Shah Soleiman and Shah Soltan Hossein Safavi’s agents named Ali Gholi Agha in 1710. Ali Gholi Agha Bath...

Ashraf Hall

20 votes

Ashraf Hall is one of the very beautiful monuments from the Safavi era which was built by Shah Abbas II and is famous for Shah Soleiman coronation...

Naghseh Janan Square

20 votes

Naghseh Janan Square was built in 1602 during the reign of Shah Abbas Safavi as it stands today. The site with a length of 525 meters and a width...

Grand Bazaar, Isfahan(Qeysarriyeh Bazaar)2

10 votes

Esfahan's great market known as GHEISARIEH BAZAAR is located in the northern side of NAGHSHE JAHAN SQUARE. This bazaar with a length of 2500 meters...

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