Wat Praram-Ayutthaya

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Wat Phra Ram
As shown in the Historical Records of Luang Prasert that Wat Phra Ram was built in 1912 B.E. by King Ramaesuan on the cremation site of his father; King Uthong.  It is assumed that he could not complete the construction because he reigned over the Kingdom for only 1 year.  So King Borommarachathiraj I might be the one who completed it, or it might be possible that it was constructed when King Ramaesuan returned to reign again after the death of King Borommarachathiraj I.

After that this temple has decayed in the course of times and it has been restored several times since it is close to the palace.  Until the “Great Period of Restoration” of all temples over the Kingdom during the reign of King Borommatrilokkanat, Wat Phra Ram had also been restored.  After that is was restored once again by King Borommakot in 2284 B.E.  Nowadays, it still remains be attractive will large-Prang (the Thai term for an elongated cone-shaped tower) and many Chedis.

In front of the temple, there is a large pond named “Nong sono” which had existed before the Ayutthaya period.  This pond was once much smaller until the period of construction of Ayutthaya as the City.  This is because the earth around the pond was dug out and taken away for construction.  This pond was called “Bueng Cheekan” in the Royal Ruling Book before it was into “Bueng Phraram (Phra Rama Pond)”.
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Latitude: 14° 21' 14" N, Longitude: 100° 33' 42" E see »

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