Mt Pinos

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Prise le 05/03/2005
Mt Pinos is the highest point in Ventura county
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Latitude: 34° 48' 43" N, Longitude: 119° 8' 53" W see »

Localisation: United States

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Salt Flats at Badwater Basin, Death Valley, California

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With an elevation of 86 m (282 ft) under Sea Level Badwater Basin is noted as the lowest point in North America.

Par Carlo Pedersoli

Bonneville Salt Flats International Speedway, Utah


Par Carlo Pedersoli

Courthouse, Santa-Barbara


Par Yury Matveyev

State Hospital Selfie


Took a bunch of spherical panos today in the Traverse City State Hospital, will be uploading more soon!

Par Shawn Roach

Corbin Park - Post Falls, ID


Corbin Park, Post Falls, Idaho, USA

Par Olivier DETRY

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