Toledo_Los cobertizos de dia

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Matériel utilisé:

Canon 400D + Samyang 8mm

Latitude: 39° 51' 37" N, Longitude: 4° 1' 34" W see »

Localisation: Toledo, Spain

Type: Country:
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Metro station ”Mezhdunarodnaya” (2012)

20 votes

Author of mosaics is Alexander Bystrov ( ).

Par Andrew VarlamovSilver

House of Ogai Mori and Soseki Natsume ,Museum Meiji-mura,Japan

20 votes

This was one of the typical middle-class town houses in the Hongo district of Tokyo of the Meiji period. It was originally built for Dr. Nakajima,...

Par Konohazuku

St. Francis Xavier's Cathedral,Museum Meiji-mura,Japan

10 votes

St.Francis Xavier's Cathedral is a church built in commemoration of arrival at Kyoto of Francis Xavier. It is of typical gothic style,in...

Par Konohazuku

Myauk Guni Temple, Bagan, Myanmar

10 votes

North Guni Temple is located in Old Bagan. It was built by Queen Pwasaw during the reign of King Narathihapate. Queen Pwasaw was a powerful Queen...

Par Wilfried Glocar

Parque del Retiro

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Par Antonio Arias

Valle Varaita

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Par Andrea Biondo

Fm Agrio


Par Emilio Aliaga

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