Soliloquy by Levi Ponce - North Hollywood, CA

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Located at Al’s Discount Furniture in North Hollywood, Levi Ponce's latest mural entitled "Soliloquy" is a rift on Hamlet.

This mural could not be made without the efforts of the following individuals:
Erica Friend
Tomas Prado
Leonardo Tejeda
Geo Gomez
Melanie Moreno
Juan Reyes
Paulina Garces
Alec Ponce
Kristy Sandova
Flor Chavez
Lorena Nuñez
Tony & Daniel Centeno
Robin Banuelos
Zach Jensen
Gloria Plaza
John Moronie
Javier Martinez
Alicia Anderson

Special thanks to:
Al's Furniture
Continental Art Supply
Exceptional Minds Studio
Sherwin Williams
Myke's Cafe
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Plus d'information:

Latitude: 34° 9' 36" N, Longitude: 118° 22' 17" W see »

Localisation: United States

Commentaires sur la panoramique:

Only in Hollywood. Beautiful work, Tanja.
Par Randy Kosek | 22/02/2014 - 00:20:51 GMT +0100

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