Monastery of Saint Euthymius in Winter

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If You want to see Monastery of Saint Euthymius in Summer please visit Russian web site created in 2007 bt Ilya Koziorov.

Other description of the Monastery is taken from book written by Berry Binder and Peter York ( ) : "North of Alexandrovsky Convent, on ulitsa Lenina, you will find the impressive Monastery of Our Savior and St. Euthimius (Spaso-Yevfimyevsky Monastyr). Originally built in the fourteenth century to defend Suzdal’s northern entry, the wooden complex grew in size and composition thanks to donations from generous members of the nobility, including Vasily III, Ivan IV “the Terrible,” and the Pozharsky princes. The stone structure which stands today is imposing. Surrounded by twelve towers and 6 meter (approximately 10 feet) thick walls, the Monastery of Our Savior and St. Euthimius was one of the most formidable monastery-fortresses in all of Russia.
There are several notable buildings within the monastery walls. First is the Cathedral of the Transfiguration of the Savior (Spaso-Preobrazhensky sobor). Built in the 1590s, this five-domed cathedral looms over the tomb of Prince Dimitry Pozharsky. Pozharsky is revered for leading the Russian army which drove Polish invaders from Moscow in 1612. ... The next building is the 1525 Assumption Cathedral (Uspenskii sobor), which houses a fascinating collection of Russian books. The books date from the fifteenth century and include the “Legal Code” of 1649 (containing the laws that officially established state serfdom), and Alexander Pushkin’s first published collection of poems (1826). Next, is the monastery belfry, containing a number of different bells. Drawing crowds of tourists and even local residents, the bells are rung every hour on the hour."

Russian web site contains some hidden pages devoted to Monastery of Saint Euthymius : , , , , .
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