Yeni Camii, Istanbul, Turkey.

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The New Mosque (1597 - 1663) is located in Eminönü. Tripod was forbidden.
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Latitude: 41° 1' 0" N, Longitude: 28° 58' 19" E see »

Localisation: Turkey

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”Between Hägg and Sillén” is an award-winning exhibition of the works of Sweden’s two foremost seascape painters

31 votes

Jacob Hägg (1839-1931) and Herman af Sillén (1857-1908) both received considerable public attention though opinions were divided as to the value of...

Par Vil Muhametshin

Aleja Wielkopolska, Poznań, Poland

12 votes

This is a view of Wielkopolska Avenue in center of Poznań, Poland.

Par Panosfera

Schooner Amphion in the Swedish National Maritime Museum

5 votes

The Maritime Museum is the central institution within SMM (Swedish National Maritime Museums), which also oversees its two sister museums, the...

Par Vil Muhametshin

Swedish Nature exhibition at the Swedish Museum of Natural History

1 votes

In the exhibition you can learn about various aspects of Swedish nature to show why natural environments look and function the way they do....

Par Vil Muhametshin

Fredry street, Poznań, Poland

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Fredry street in center of Poznań, Poland

Par Panosfera


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