Beng Melea : ทัวร์เขมรบึงมาลา กับ อ.วีระ ธีระภัทรานนท์ และ รศ.ดร.สุเนตร ชุตินธรานนท์

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Beng Melea : บึงมาลา
Beng Melea temple has three gallery walls and a moat at the entrance. The interior temple area is a big pile of rubble, great for climbing around and exploring. There was a movie recently filmed here and the filmmakers left their ramps, making it a bit easier to get around.

The east entrance is closed because of many fallen rocks, but enter just to the right of the main entrance and look for the relief images of the god of fire over the first door as you approach the gallery by the first ramp, then an image of a three-headed elephant born of the mythical Churning of the Ocean of Milk (the Hindu creation legend). A small library is inside this first gallery area. From here, plunge into the temple center.

The platform path from the center leads through a covered, dark gallery. Between sections, you'll have to do some clambering and rock hopping - be careful of the slippery moss. The path exits the opposite (west) side of the temple, and from there you can either wend your way back through, following a different course to the rocks, or walk around the outside.
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Vorapoj Songcharoen
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Latitude: 13° 28' 40" N, Longitude: 104° 13' 30" E see »

Localisation: Cambodia

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