Wireless photography with an iPad and ShutterSnitch

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Par Bernard Custard

Wireless photography with an iPad and ShutterSnitch

Earlier this year, we wrote about a new app for Apple's mobile devices called ShutterSnitch. At the time, we'd only just installed the US$7.99 app that receives and displays pictures wirelessly on an iPad, iPhone or iPod touch, moments after they're shot. Fast forward a few months and ShutterSnitch - coupled with the iPad in particular - has become as essential to our photographic workflow as a 70-200mm lens or Photoshop. Here's why, plus tips on establishing a reliable connection between a camera transmitter (including an Eye-Fi card) and ShutterSnitch.

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Making Sharp Images by Lloyd Chambers

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Par Bernard Custard

For those you are always asking, why my pictures arent consistently sharp? I drop you a great direction for improving them. I´ve been a suscriber of LLoyd for 7 month,and it worth every penny. I seriously recommend to go in and digg on his tutoriales because it´s great for improve our technique, doesn´t matter if you are a pro, amateur or beginner. Below you will read a little prologue and you can go to his website and check it out.

Making Sharp Images by LLoyd Chambers

Why aren’t my pictures consistently sharp? Here’s the real “missing manual” for your camera that shows you what’s possible and how to get it. Making Sharp Images is chock full of practical how-tos and tips suitable for both beginners and experienced photographers, and will cut years of learning down to weeks. Best of all, this guide will enable you to spend more time taking good pictures and less time sitting in front of your computer trying to fix flawed ones.



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DSLR Camera and GPS Position with Aerial Drone

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Par Bernard Custard

Here we demonstrate the HD aerial camera platform's autonomous GPS position hold capability. If you can imagine the ability to fly a professional DSLR camera such as the 5D Mark II over a natural disaster site,  switch on GPS position hold which forces the aerial camera platform to hold its exact aerial position allowing a photo journalist to focus on capturing photos at a safe distance out of harms way. With the use of an  8 inch LCD and wireless video feed you have the ability to remotely "see through the lens" in real-time to  compose shots as well as remotely control shutter release function.

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Summary of the highlights of August

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Par viewAt.org Team

567 new panoramas have been published this month on viewAt.org.
Of which the fived more rated are:

Interiour of 1961 Lancia Appia Sport Zagato

by Jann Lipka

Los doce Apóstoles de La Aquiana (2)

by Enrique Alvarez

Los doce Apóstoles de La Aquiana (1)

by Enrique Alvarez

Cracow, Poland - main market square by night

by Leszek Cuper

Sunset at "Shamanistan", Latvia

by Vil Muhametshin

And the most relevant authors are:

Carlos Anillo
from Logroño, La Rioja, España

Maciej G. Szling
from :> Poland | Nowy Sącz |

Antoska Montero
from España

from Paris

Bartłomiej Ponikiewski
from Poland

Webs relacionadas con panoramicas en Makeuseof / Eight panoramic websites at MakeuseOf

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Par Bernard Custard

MakeUseOf website have posted an interesting article on 8 different websites relating to virtual tours, you can see it directly through this link. However one website is forgotten,  like PanoDigg, web created by Marco Trezzini and it is great site. From viewAt.org we want to thank our users / visitors and also  MakeUseOf for the article.

En la página web Makeuseof han publicado un artículo interesante sobre 8 páginas webs diferentes relacionadas con visitas virtuales, el artículo lo podréis ver directamente a través de éste enlace. No obstante se han olvidado de alguna web más como Panodigg creada por Marco Trezzini. Desde viewAt.org queremos dar las gracias a nuestros usuarios/visitantes y a Makeuseof por elaborar el artículo.

Summary of the highlights of July

Publié chez 03/08/2010 dans la section de Press

Par viewAt.org Team

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