Interior of the Smolny Сathedral

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The cathedral was built in 1748-57 as the Cathedral of Smolny Monastery (architect F. Rastrelli); its interior decoration started in 1762 (architect Y.M. Felten; was not completed). After the monastery was closed, all the construction work was halted, and the cathedral remained un-consecrated. In 1828, the church passed under the jurisdiction of Establishments of Empress Maria Fedorovna, and its interior decoration was done in 1832-35 by architect V.P. Stasov. The cathedral, which could accommodate 6,000 people, was eventually consecrated in 1835.

In 1923, the cathedral was closed down, its interior decoration was destroyed, and the building itself was used as a storehouse (the iconostasis was removed in 1972). Since 1974, the cathedral has been affiliated with the Museum of St. Petersburg history, and has been functioning as a concert and exhibition hall since 1990.

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