Paradise Beach  a few days before the arrival of EMILY in the Caribbean, Nassau, Bahamas

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A couple of days before the arrival of the tropical storm named EMILY, through the Caribbean, some  "signs" in the sky indicated that  the weather was about to be bad!!
The beach was evacuated, because the skies genrated  terrific waterspouts ...
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Latitudine: 25° 5' 14" N, Longitudine: 77° 19' 33" W see »

Luogo: Bahamas

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The mysterious entrance of a Mayan Temple, archaeologogical site of Koba, Yucatan, Mexico

40 votes

It's a really weird feeling to  realize that you are totally alone  in an archaeoilogical site in Yucatan. I  entered the site  before dawn, I got...

La Mariscada, Riviera Maya, Mexico

1 votes

Another  quite amazing view from the terrace of the Mariscada Building. The dome reminds us of a mosk but it's not!! There a 3 or 4 rorms on the...

La Mariscada, a strange art Deco-like building on the Riviera Maya, Mexico

20 votes

I have tried to find some clues about the origin of this building,  halfway between Antonio Gaudi and The French "Facteur CHeval"!!! This...

Parc de Bercy; Ancienne Halle aux Vins de PARIS


Qui pourrait croie que l'on se trouve en plein coeur de Paris. IL y a 30 ans à peine, les chaix de Bercy fonctionnaient encore, et  ont été ensuite...

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