Ruins of Checiny Castle, central Poland

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Checiny Castle - a monumental and inaccessible fortress built in the early fourteenth century. Its construction is related to the start of operation of the surrounding ore deposits. In its history, was the seat of the county, treasury, heavy state prison, the residence of the royal widows. Seriously damaged by the Swedes in the seventeenth century, became a characteristic of the towering ruins Checiny.
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Zbigniew Pilip
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Latitudine: 50° 47' 50" N, Longitudine: 20° 27' 36" E see »

Luogo: Ch?ciny, Poland

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Chapel of the Assumption of Mary in the Divine Tower in Krasiczyn Castle, Poland


Located on the Przemyśl – Sanok route, near a crossing of the San River, the castle in Krasiczyn is one of the most magnificent and impressive...

In the courtyard of the castle in Krasiczyn, Poland

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Castle Krasiczynie is located on the rooute Przemyśl - Sanok , near the crossing of the San river. It is one of the most beautiful monuments of...

On the Kasprowy Wierch. Tatra Mountains, Poland


Kasprowy Wierch (Polish pronunciation: [kasˈprɔvɨ ˈvjɛrx]) or Kasprov vrch (in Slovak) is a mountain in the Western Tatras. From 1910 onwards...

On the ridge of Polonina Carynska, Bieszczady Mountains, Poland

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Połonina Caryńska (Berehowska) - one of the pastures in the Bieszczady mountain range located between the valleys Prowczy and Wołosate where lie...

Somewhere on the trail between Tarnica and Wołosate, Bieszczady Mountains, Poland


Tarnica is the highest peak in the Bieszczady Mountains. Its height is 1 346 m above sea level. Tarnica slot and Halicz pastures at the end of the...

On the side of Tarnica top, Bieszczady Mountains, Poland

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Tarnica is the highest peak of bieszczady Mountains, placed in the south-eastern part of Poland, near to the Ukrainian border. Its height is 1,346...

Szeroki Wierch, Bieszczady Montains, Poland


Broad Peak is the western edge of the group Tarnica from its highest peak is separated by a small pass (1275 m). It is an elongated ridge meadows...

Czocha (Tzschocha) castle, Poland

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Czocha castle - fortified castle located in the border town of Sucha, by Lesna Lagoon on Kwisa in the Polish part of Upper Lusatia. The original...

Cauldron of Small Ponds (Kocioł Małego Stawu) in Giant Mountains (Karkonosze), Poland

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Small Pond is the second largest and most picturesque pond in the Sudeten Mountains. The lake is at the height of 1183 m above sea...

The dam on the Wisla Czarne, Beskid Montains, Poland

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Firewall Wisla Czarne,  a multi-purpose flood, is the second, after Tresna as to the amount of earth-dam in Poland. Among other objects of this...

Renaissance jewish synagogue in the Old City of Zamosc, Poland

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Renaissance synagogue in the Old City of Zamosc is one of the greatest monuments of Jewish culture in Poland. Since 2005, the building is owned by...

Water Market Square in Zamosc, Poland

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Water Market Square is located on the transverse axis of the city to the south of the Grand Market Square. It has a rectangular shape with...

The Big Market and Town Hall in Zamosc, Poland

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The Big Market is the heart of the town, its mainmeeting placeand one of the most magnificent 16th century squares in Europe. Its shape is that of...

Royal Castle in Niepołomice, Poland

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The final shape of a polish kings residence in Niepolomice acquired the castle in Renaissance, in times of Sigismund Augustus, who continued to...

The old well on the market in Sandomierz, Poland

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In the middle of the market in Sandomierz is an ancient well, located near the Renaissance town hall. The well has been used in the old days as a...

Pigeons on the market in Sandomierz, Poland

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Somebody may think, that the panorama is not leveled. But it is not true. The market is inclined in few directions! Every sunny day on the old...

”Needle's eye” - a small gate in the ramparts of Sandomierz, Poland

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"Needle's eye" is a small gate in the ramparts of middlage Sandomierz. Today that narrow isthmus is a one of most emblematic places of that town.

Christmas tree on Chrobrego Square, Bielsko-Biala, Poland

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During Christmas time on the Chrobrego Square is set every year beautiful Christmas tree.

Palace in Czyzow - southern facade, Poland

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The first mention of the castle in Czyzow come from the fifteenth century. The castle was destroyed during the Swedish invasion. The present...

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