Giovanni Saini

Luogo di residenza:

Biassono (Monza) Italy

... I'm not a photographer, although I started very early to photograph, to 15 years with a Ferrania (1965), then "stole" the camera to my uncle, a professional photographer, ... M1 Leica, Rolleiflex, then the first SLR, a Canon FTB and ... Then I left the picture, perhaps because I could not get good results.
I then spent the early '90s to the 3D computer graphics, using different software (3D Studio, Bryce, Poser).
From May 2011 I started with photography immersive.

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Trezzo d'Adda (MI) Powerplant Taccani

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Trezzo d'Adda (MI) Powerplant Taccani

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