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I'm a Japanese SOHO webdesigner, a QTVR creator, and a blogger about the latest QTVR information from Kyoto, Japan, and the World.
The name of my weblog is "QTVR Diary", and also publish a strange podcast -- "VR Podcast".
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Panoramas by Akila Ninomiya

Night of Cherry Trees @ the front of cafe ”Soiree” (Shijo-Kiyamachi)

22 votes

The place where the best downtown and the young person gather in Kyoto is this Shijo-Kiyamachi.

Inner of KIKUSUI-BOKO float @GION festival

4 votes

GION-MATSURI is one of the 3 famous festival in Japan. 23 floats(HOKO) tour is so gorgeous. KIKUSUI-BOKO which is one of the HOKO is decorated...

Joya-no-Kane (Event of ringing a holly buddism bell at New Year's Eve)

7 votes

This event is the most popular event at New Year's Eve in Japan. Times of ringing are 108. This number is the human's desires.


8 votes

Honen-In is old temple established in 1680( not old in temple of Kyoto) in Shishi-ga-Tani, east Kyoto city.

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