Cilandras Bridge, Turkey

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Fatta il 11/08/2009
The Cilandras Bridge had been built about 2700 years ago under the Phrygian King Gygas (670-657 BC). The bridge is 17m above the river and 24m long. People come here for a picnic and cross one of the oldest bridges of mankind that is still in use.
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Latitudine: 38° 24' 28" N, Longitudine: 29° 29' 5" E see »

Luogo: Turkey

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2700 years and still working! I'm amazed by these places so full of History....such a beautyful pano!
Da Enrique Alvarez | 14/04/2011 - 09:02:30 GMT +0200
Thank you for the comment Enrique. Turkey has always been a bridge between Asia and Europe. Since the dawn of mankind it was the homeland for uncountable different peoples and cultures. The remains are everywhere visible and make Turkey to a big open air museum.
Da Heiner Straesser | 14/04/2011 - 09:39:44 GMT +0200

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