Purmerend, Netherlands - Wheredijk/Purmerdijk

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The city is surrounded by polders, such as the Purmer, Beemster and the Wormer. The city became the trade center of the region but the population grew relatively slow. Only after 1960 did the population start to grow from around 10.000 to the current 78.307 people (1 November 2007). From the 1960s onwards, Purmerend has seen major expansions and still continues to do so until the present date. These expansions have turned Purmerend into a commuter town; many inhabitants of Purmerend work, go to school or spend their leisure time in Amsterdam. Purmerend is part of the Randstad, one of the largest conurbations in Europe.
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Latitudine: 52° 30' 14" N, Longitudine: 4° 58' 19" E see »

Luogo: Purmerend, Netherlands

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