Collins Avenue, Miami Beach, Florida

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This is an old Pano from 3 years ago.
i had left the source files apart, desperate to have brought back home dozen of  panos full of flaws!!
Thanks to PTGUI PRO, the last release helped me to  bring them back to life!!
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Latitudine: 25° 47' 32" N, Longitudine: 80° 7' 46" W see »

Luogo: United States

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Above Mouse's Tank

12 votes

Rainwater fills these natural basins in Valley of Fire State Park, Nevada

Da Steven DosRemedios

Street Art for Aids Awareness

11 votes

Balmy Alley in San Francisco is home to many murals which speak for social justice.

Da Steven DosRemedios

Post Falls Park

3 votes

Da Olivier DETRY

Fire Canyon

1 votes

Blazing rocks at the Golden Hour, Valley of Fire State park, Nevada

Da Steven DosRemedios

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