Jameos del Aqua, Lanzarote

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Fatta il 01/03/2012
Jameos del Aqua is a Art, Culture and Touristic Center, that was realized by Cesar Manrique. The biggest part of the whole complex lies inside of a volcano tunnel, which was formed by the eruptions of the Volcan de la Corona. On some points the tunnel's roof broke in and so the first shape of the project was already given from Mother Nature. The exotic garden with the curved aquarell-coloured pool transforms it to a true oasis. The high contrast considered to the poor landscape around Jameos del Aqua, makes it a fascinating and a very unique place on the Island.
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Latitudine: 29° 9' 26" N, Longitudine: 13° 25' 54" W see »

Luogo: Haría, Spain

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