Foyer at Puppet Theater ”Pleciuga” -  Szczecin

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Fatta il 06/07/2012
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Nodla Ninja 3 mk II, Canon Power Shot a620, Velbon CX640 tripod


Stitcher: Hugin; Editing: Photoshop; Player: Pano2VR

Latitudine: 53° 26' 13" N, Longitudine: 14° 32' 52" E see »

Luogo: Szczecin, Poland

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The ”Bains des Pâquis” !


The "Bains des Pâquis" at dusk, on the north bank of Lake Geneva ! On the other side of the lake, one can see the 460 feet high "Water Jet", which...

Da Jean-Pierre Scherrer

Chappel of the Machabees in Saint Peter's cathedral


This chappel, on one aisle of the Geneva's cathedral, has been added in 1400-1405 !

Da Jean-Pierre Scherrer

Jean Calvin (1509-1564) pulpit in Saint Peter's cathedal in Geneva


This is the pulpit which Jean Calvin ( used when he was preaching the Protestant (Reformed) religion !

Da Jean-Pierre Scherrer

Vue de La Havane


Vue de la Forteresse

Da Sand B

Blomsholms Stenskeppet


Blomsholms Stenskeppet ('Stone ship') can be found in western Sweden, in Västra Götaland County, about 150 km north of Gothenburg, not far from the...

Da Jos Sanders

Åbrott Domarring, Sweden


Åbrott stone circle can be found in western Sweden, in Västra Götaland County, about 100 km north of Gothenburg. This was called a judge's ring....

Da Jos Sanders

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