Muzeum Miejskie w Nowej Soli - Zbrojownia / Museum in Nowa Sól - Armory

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Fatta il 23/11/2017
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Canon Eos 550D, Samyang 8mm


90º Up - 5 X 72º, 30º down
PTGui Pro, Photoshop CS6

Latitudine: 51° 48' 0" N, Longitudine: 15° 42' 56" E see »

Luogo: Poland

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ŽEhra UNESCO Church

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Žehra, najznámejšia obec na Spiši (SVK). Rannogotický Kostol svätého Ducha, z 13. storočia. Zehra, The most Famous Village on The Spiš in Slovakia...

Da Vincent Cibula

View of Tambau Beach from the 23th floor !


More than 180° view, from a friend's appartment, on the 23th fllof, at about 300 meters from the beach...

Da Jean-Pierre Scherrer

Spišský hrad / Spiš Castle Ruins


Spiš s Castle. Spiš Castle is One of Europe's most Extensive Medieval Castles. It was The Center of The Administration of The Historic Spiš Area....

Da Vincent Cibula

Spišská Kapitula (SVK)


Spišská Kapitula became The Seat of The Bishopric of The Roman Catholic Church from the 17th century. / Spišská Kapitula sa stala sídlom Spišského...

Da Vincent Cibula

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