Muzeum Miejskie w Nowej Soli - Powstanie miasta / Museum in Nowa Sól - Old town

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Canon Eos 550D, Samyang 8mm


90º Up - 5 X 72º, 30º down
PTGui Pro, Photoshop CS6

Latitudine: 51° 48' 0" N, Longitudine: 15° 42' 55" E see »

Luogo: Poland

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ŽEhra UNESCO Church

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Žehra, najznámejšia obec na Spiši (SVK). Rannogotický Kostol svätého Ducha, z 13. storočia. Zehra, The most Famous Village on The Spiš in Slovakia...

Da Vincent Cibula

View of Tambau Beach from the 23th floor !


More than 180° view, from a friend's appartment, on the 23th fllof, at about 300 meters from the beach...

Da Jean-Pierre Scherrer

Spišský hrad / Spiš Castle Ruins


Spiš s Castle. Spiš Castle is One of Europe's most Extensive Medieval Castles. It was The Center of The Administration of The Historic Spiš Area....

Da Vincent Cibula

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