Ponta Negra seen from see side, NATAL, BRASIL 2005

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Fatta il 22/09/2005
This is one of my older pictures. Now as the technology permits it, the beauty of these old shots remembers a fantastic moment in my life.

It's a great pleasure to be part of the first ones to put my loved country Brazil in the world of ViewAt.
I hope in future many more panoramas from this marvelous country will follow.
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Latitudine: 5° 52' 49" S, Longitudine: 35° 9' 38" W see »

Luogo: Brazil

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Tambaba Beach #1 , in Paraiba, Brazil

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This has been shot right next to one of the rare nudist beaches in Brazil !

Da Jean-Pierre Scherrer

Manaira Beach, Joao Pessoa, Brazil


I shot this one at Manaira Beach, in front of the MEG Shopping Center !

Da Jean-Pierre Scherrer

Trattoria Appetito


Another trial (with 5 pics bracketed)

Da Jean-Pierre Scherrer



This is a trial of 3 bracketed pictures (to get the background correctly visible), with "yours truly" appearing 4 times !

Da Jean-Pierre Scherrer



This panorama was shot setting my tripod on the dining-room table

Da Jean-Pierre Scherrer

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