Le Val de Bonnal (France)

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Fatta il 18/07/2006
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Attrezzatura utilizzata:

Nikon D70 + Nikkor 10.5


A lot of patience

Latitudine: 47° 30' 45" N, Longitudine: 6° 21' 40" E see »

Luogo: Chassey-lès-Montbozon, France

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Exposition de photographies de ANDERS PETERSEN / Musée Paul Valéry - Sète (France)


Panorama d'une exposition qui s'est tenue du 28 juin au 8 septembre 2008.

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Changing Lanes

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Changing Lanes in Berlin

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SHI snowdrops at sunset: with D.A.Shaposhnik

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It was lovely evening. Few days ago we had 'picknick' there and something made us return.

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Bar Vasco le Gamma place de l'Estrapades Toulouse Midi-Pyrénées France

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Vue du bar et des cuisines du Bar Vasco le Gamma

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KlongThom Night Market (aka. Dark market)


This Market also open during day time. But the true color of this place reveal after sunset when more shops expand to all footpath. Various of...

Da Dheerayod Patibhanthewa

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