The Church of the Epiphany in Winter

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It is one of the famous architectural and painting monuments of the 17th century in Yaroslavl. It was erected in 1684-1693 by order of and with support of the Yaroslavl merchant Alexey Zubchaninov. The high altar of the church is devoted the twelvth feast of the Christian year - the Epiphany or the Baptism of Our Lord Jesus Christ. The Church of the Epiphany is the first pillar-less summer cathedral with a close four-piece vault, forming a spacious light room for prayers with nine large windows.

Multicolored glazed tile compose the main decorative element of the outer decoration of the church. The Church of the Epiphany is a unique historic monument judging by the quantity and quality of tiles. Tiles are placed in wide ribbon-like friezes on the dome drums of cupolas on the central cathedral, on the upper sides of apses and side chapels and on the porch. Vertical tile ribbons decorate pilaster-strips, dome drums and the casings of the gallery windows. Variations of five ornamental patterns and five colors form the countless variety of tiled decoration. All these make the Church of the Epiphany an outstanding memorial of the studio pottery of the 17th century.

The basic restoration took place in the 1950's. Since 1973, the Church of the Epiphany has been a part of the museum exposition and a part of the Yaroslavl Historical-and-Architectural Art Museum-Preserve.

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Latitudine: 57° 37' 18" N, Longitudine: 39° 53' 11" E see »

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