Crowd against privatization of a french abbey

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Fatta il 13/01/2008
The president of a defence association of the abbey speak to the people about the situation, this abbey situated behind the walls, will certainly be privatizated and transform in a big holiday center.
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Latitudine: 47° 48' 49" N, Longitudine: 3° 16' 47" W see »

Luogo: Hennebont, France

Type: Country:
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Universo, Valencia, Spain.

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Una sala de la exposición permamente situada en el MuVIM ( Museo Valenciano de la Ilustración y Modernidad).

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Ipatiev Monastery in Winter

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The Hypatian Monastery was founded around 1330 by a Tatar convert, Prince Chet, whose male-line descendants include Solomonia Saburova (...

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L'estany de Banyoles, nevat

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La foto és d'aquest mateix matí. Una fina capa de neu cobria tot el paisatge, un fet ben poc habitual a Banyoles. -- La foto es de esta mañana....

Da Jaume Llorens Bach

Broken Glass factory, Livani, Latvia

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Broken Glass factory, Livani, Latvia

Da Jevgenijs Nikitins

Saint Peter Church, Daugavpils, Latvia

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Church of Saint Peter, Daugavpils, Latvia

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One American Place and St Joseph Cathedral, Baton Rouge, LA

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Da Marin Giurgiu

The convention house of navy officers, Liepaja

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Officer’s palace was built in 1907 for entertainment of the fleet elite – nobility and royal aristocracy. During Latvia independence between the...

Da Vil Muhametshin

Daugavpils Museum, Daugavpils, Latvia

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Daugavpils smiths works.

Da Jevgenijs Nikitins

BOX Storage, Riga, Latvia

14 votes

Private and Business storage solutions.

Da Jevgenijs Nikitins

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