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Small Lake in the Five Lakes Valley, Polish High Tatra Mountains, Poland, Europe

11 votes

Five lLkes Valley is one of the most beautiful Valleys in Polish High Tatra Mountains. It is sorounded from tree sides with the tops over 2000 m...

Da Zbigniew PilipSilver

On the slopes of Buczynowa Stażnica, High Tatra, Poland

2 votes

Climbing from Five Lakes VAlley to the  Krzyżne Pass is an opportunity to have a look on one of the most butiful landscapes in Polisch High Tatra...

Da Zbigniew PilipSilver

Wędkarska Brać -  Brotherhood of Anglers

14 votes

http://www.wedkarskabrac.pl/ https://www.facebook.com/kamilbrzostowski.foto.video

Da Kamil Brzostowski Kamilby

Sukiennice in Niepołomice

10 votes

The exhibition was the second display of Polish 19th-century art prepared by the National Museum in Krakow at the halls of the Niepołomice Castle...

Da Leszek Cuper

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