Rizopolozhensky monastery in Winter

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Rizpolozhensky nunnery established by a bishop John in 1207 stands on a hill of the city. At first, all the constructions in the monastery were wooden and the first stony cathedral – Rizpolozhensky cathedral – was erected only in the 16th century. You can seen the monastery from a far due to its bell tower – the highest construction in Suzdal from which a lot of pictures have been taken.

Rizpolozhensky cathedral (the middle of the 16th century) was admittedly built by Ivan Shigoney-Podzhoginji. A three-cupola cathedral with three apses is very uncommon for Suzdal architecture of that time. A low-rise but very beautiful and rich decorated church porch with tiled panels was built from the western side in 1688.

The cupolas were oil-shaped in the 19th century. The cathedral was given to a power electro station in 1929. Dome's cupolas were demolished and the interior was damaged badly because of propulsion system. It was restored in 1969 and the cupolas were again helmet-shaped. A warehouse of cultural items was located in the cathedral after its restoration. Today, it belongs to the nunnery.

Holy Gates (1688) is one of the most striking masterpieces of Suzdal architecture. Festive two-tented entry gates are decorated with boasted work and ceramic tiles. The arches are all different. The right one is an entry one, big and almost round. The left arch is smaller and decorated with fine rustication. Splendid tents over the gates are suspended by low-rise eight-sided base with tine windows and decorated with blind dormer windows and topped with small cupolas. There was established a rabbit-warren in the building of the Holy Gates in the 1930s. Then it was used as fuel storage. The Holy Gates were restored just in 1964.

The highest building of Suzdal city was erected in the nunnery on the funds of citizens in honor of the victory over Napoleon in 1813. It is a 72-meter-high Reverence bell tower. Its stepped composition is common for those times and consists of tailing away levels that rest on the lower part of the building – a stable classical-type doorway. There were 12 bells on the bell tower. All of them were remelted in 1931. Today there are new bells on the bell tower.

The nunnery is active and there is also Rizopolozhenskaya hotel established in the Soviet times.

To see Rizopolozhensky monastery in summer please visit Ruusian web sitehttp://www.suzdal360.ru/risopol.html created in 2007 by Ilya Koziorov.
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