Atlantis Hotel awaikening in the morning of the Carribeans

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Sol Kersner is a South African  billionnaire Entrepreneur  and President of a Group that builds hotel resorts and casinos all over the world.
The legends says he was first an accountant, his parents run a modest 50 rooms hotel in South Africa. He decides to  sell this place  and trades it for  another building, on a beach. He then borrows money to transform this modest place into the 1st five stars deluxe hotel ever, in South Africa. That was back in 1964.
After this 1st success, he   dreams of a pharaonic resort hotel  in Bophuthatswana, named "Sun Sity",  a huge and excentric place  with spas,  pools  golf course and renowned "Chefs".
SUccess after success, he flies to London and at that time  the famolus St Geran Hotel in Mmauritius.
In 1993, he is offered an  another opportunity in the Caribean islands; Paradise Island is almost bankrupted,  he acquires it and makes a total make over and developpement for the Happy Few of the world.
Mickael Jackson makes the opening  of The Atlantis Hotel in 1998!
One year after the opening  in Bahams, SOl Kersner  sets a "replica" of Altantis in  Dubaï, for  about 1.5 billion dollars!!
And in 2009,   another 5 stars is built in LE CAP, South Africa. He owns now 6  hotels  located in the Bahamas, Mexico, Dubai the Maldives and Mauritius.
His hotel group is named "The One and Only"!!
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Lokalizacja: Bahamas

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