Fireplace room at the Riga Art Nouveau Museum

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Data panografii 13.01.2011
The fireplace room is situated in the representative part of the apartment. It is a place where hosts and guests gather around the fire. Sipping wine, having a chat...

The authentic interior of 1903 has been renovated in the room. Walls are painted the original green. The finish of the fireplace room features floral elements inspired by the diversity of trees in Riga.

An ornamental frieze with chestnut leaf motifs is located on the upper part of the walls. The ceiling is adorned with a stucco decor with a rhombus-shaped rosette in the centre and a surrounding ornamental band as well as decorative painting with chestnut leaf motifs. The original parquet flooring, doors, windows and heating pipes have been preserved. Authentic Art Nouveau items, originally used in Riga, have been placed in the fireplace room.

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Lokalizacja: Latvia

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Fireplace room at the Riga Art Nouveau Museum

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The fireplace room is situated in the representative part of the apartment. It is a place where hosts and guests gather around the fire. Sipping...

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