Kansas City Southern Engine #1023 - Schlanger Park, Pittsburg, Kansas

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My first HDR pano.  It actually looks really nice when it's not all compressed for this website.

Some information on the placard: “Locomotive 488 was built July 1906, in Pittsburgh, PA. In 1925, it underwent major  changes in Pittsburg, KS and changed to locomotive 1023. Track was laid and locomotive was installed in Schlanger Park on September 17, 1955, after the city had purchased the locomotive from the Kansas City Southern Lines for $1.00. The steam locomotive was the main mode of travel in the days of the old frontier".

UPDATE:  I followed the advice of a comment left below and re-uploaded the files for a better quality display. I hope you enjoy!
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Szerokosc geograficzna: 37° 24' 42" N, Dlugosc geograficzna: 94° 41' 41" W see »

Lokalizacja: United States

Komentarze na temat panoramy:

Obviously something went wrong with the compression. Perhaps my method can help: Depending on the size of the original equirectangular pano I downsize it in one, two or three steps to 6000x3000 pixel (jpg, highest quality). Next step is the conversion to QT with a cube size of 1500px and 95% jpg quality. Most images are still bigger than 4600KB. In this case I reduce the cube size and only occasionally the quality.
Podpisany Heiner Straesser | 19.04.2011 - 00:29:53 GMT +0200
Yes, thank you Heiner. Obviously something went wrong! :) There's so many steps to creating a pano. Thanks for your advice.  I'll attempt to reload this per your directions. I've needed a "recipe" or work flow for uploading to this site and now I have it. Thank you!
Podpisany TanjaB | 19.04.2011 - 00:33:13 GMT +0200

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