Panoramas by Alexander Zhivitsky

Moscow International House of Music. Svetlanov Hall

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Moscow International Music House, House of Music - multi-cultural center, one of the largest in Russia and the World Philharmonic complexes, aiming...

Inside a flying helicopter

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Specially equipped helicopter company "Nyuzkopter", which allows to take photos, video and filming from the air in 35 mm format, Digital Sinema,...

Alexander Nevsky church. Egorievsk


City Egorievsk located 100 kilometers south of Moscow. Founded in 1778 by decree of Empress Catherine II and named in honor of St. George. In...

Picturesque Bridge. Point Two


Picturesque Bridge (Bridge in Silverpine Forest) - cable-stayed bridge across the Moscow River, is located on the north-west of Moscow, and is part...

We are doing a virtual panorama!


Painted virtual panorama 360. Rapidograph, the computer fills, paper. Рисованная виртуальная панорама 360. Рапидограф, компьютерная заливка,...

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