Nikolskaya gate church of Avraamiyev Epiphany Monastery

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Data panografii 07.01.2011
The Avraamiyev Epiphany Monastery is one of the oldest in Russia (11th century). To reach it from the Kremlin of Rostov, drive in the direction of Yaroslavl on Sovietskaya Ulitsa and then Proletarskaya Ulitsa. The main road — Yaroslavskoye Shosse — goes off to the left, and if you continue straight on Ulitsa Zhelyabovskaya you will get to the monastery.

According to legend, there was a stone idol standing here that the ancient Slavs worshiped. The hermit Avraamy prayed and received a special rod with which he destroyed the idol, and then built a church and founded a monastery on the site of the pagan shrine. Before going to fight the Tatars, Ivan the Terrible ( ) made a pilgrimage to the monastery to take the rod of Avraamy. After the capture of Kazan, the king in gratitude built a cathedral in the monastery, in the name of the Epiphany (1553-1555), one of the first multi-altar churches, which have additional altars dedicated to different saints.

Gate church of of Saint Nicholas was built in 1691. It was restored after fire in 1730. It was damaged after strike of lightning in 1826 and was rebuilt in 1826-1837 by architect Petr Yakovlevich Pankov ( ) when bellfry and classical portico were built.
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Szerokosc geograficzna: 57° 11' 43" N, Dlugosc geograficzna: 39° 27' 1" E see »

Lokalizacja: Russian Federation

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