Old staircase to Mitridat Mountain, Kerch, Ukraine

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If you want to see Kerch (Crimea), sea, bays and endless sky from bird's-eye-view you should climb Mitridat Mountain. To get here you have to overcome 428 steps of the old staircase, built in 1800 and decorated with sculptures of griffins - mythical creatures with a lion's body and a bird’s head and wings.
Climbing the mountain you will find yourself in an ancient acropolis and its ruins. Two and a half thousand years ago there was the capital of Bosporus, the state successfully resisting the Roman Empire.
This is very place where one can see a 24-meter red banner risen here during liberation of Kerch from fascist invaders. You can visit the memorial to military glory in memory of the fallen in liberation of Kerch in the Great Patriotic War.
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Lokalizacja: Ukraine

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