Sharp Peak, Hong Kong

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Data panografii 17.08.2008
The built-up area with piercing skyscrapers lining the waterfront so stereotyped in numerous postcards only takes up a small part of the land proper in Hong Kong, leaving vast swathes of countryside untouched, as attested by this photo taken on a hike to the locally renowned Maclehose Trail on a sunny Saturday. The several beaches at the foot of the peak are amongst some of he most beautiful beaches in Hong Kong and are frequently visited by the locals - the rich takes the yacht while the poor takes the bipedal means.
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Szerokosc geograficzna: 22° 24' 58" N, Dlugosc geograficzna: 114° 21' 55" E see »

Lokalizacja: Hong Kong

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Limassol at hight


Panorama Limassol at night, photographed from the bridge at one of the central streets.

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