Ordu, Peak of Boztepe

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Ordu is a province of Turkey, located on the Black Sea coast. Its adjacent provinces are Samsun to the northwest, Tokat to the southwest, Sivas to the south, and Giresun to the east. It's traffic code is 52. The capital of the province is the city of Ordu.
A typical Ordu farm house

"Ordu" means 'army' in Turkish (and the word has come down in modern day English as the word horde). However the etymology of this Turkish province is not related to this word, it is an adaptation of Cotyora, the earlier Greek place name.

Ordu is a strip of Black Sea coast and the hills behind, historically an agricultural and fishing area and in recent years, tourism has seen an increase, mainly visitors from Russia and Georgia, as Ordu boasts some of the best beaches, rivers, and lush, green mountains on the Black Sea coast. Walking in the high pastures is now a popular excusrion for Turkish holidaymakers.

Ordu is famous for hazelnuts. Turkey as a whole produces about 70 percent of the world's hazelnuts, and over 50 percent of those come from Ordu. The recent drop in hazelnut prices however have led farmers to supplement their income with honeybees. The higher altitudes are covered in forest.
Raising bees among hazelnut trees

The province is home to a minority of Cheveneburi Georgians.

In recent decades many people from Ordu have migrated away to jobs in Istanbul or abroad.

Ordu province is divided into 19 districts (capital district in bold):

    * Akkuş
    * Aybastı
    * Çamaş
    * Çatalpınar
    * Çaybaşı
    * Fatsa
    * Gölköy
    * Gülyalı
    * Gürgentepe
    * İkizce
    * Kabadüz
    * Kabataş
    * Korgan
    * Kumru
    * Mesudiye
    * Ordu
    * Perşembe
    * Ulubey
    * Ünye

Places to see
Ordu has an attractive coast including pretty bays and the cleanest and longest beaches on this stretch of the Black Sea coast. Specific sites include:

    * The Russian bazaar in the city of Ordu
    * Boztepe - a 460 m hill above the city.
    * Karagöl - a crater lake at 3107 m, above the plateau of Çambaşı
    * Yason (Jason) point - a headland in Perşembe
    * Çambaşı Yaylası a high plateau

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