Place des Abbesses

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There are at least 2 resons to visit this place : Church of Saint-Jean-de-Montmartre ( ) as the first example of reinforced cement in church construction and the metro station's entrance designed by  Hector Guimard ( ) - one of only three original Guimard entrances left in Paris.
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Andrew Varlamov
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Latitude: 48° 53' 3" N, Longitude: 2° 20' 18" E see »

Localização: Paris, France

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Sendlinger Straße

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Basílica de Santa María

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Fortress Bip

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The fortress Bip (architect V. Brenna) was erected and the park Mariental was laid out on the Tyzva River in 1795-97.

La Vasca e Fontana di Eolo


Luigi Vanvitelli ( ) worked on the project of Reggia di Caserta for the rest of his life, for...

Mansion of Kokorev (1900s)


The mansion was build in 1901-1904 by architect Silvio Dagnini.

Exhibition of court carriages in the former Duty Stables building

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A permanent exhibition of court carriages of the eighteenth - early twentieth centuries is conducted in the former Duty Stables building that was...

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