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Week end at Disney Paris

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The cannons of Fort Charlotte, Nassau, Bahamas


The Fort was built in 1789. The soldiers who guarded  the Fort sometimes got bored   watching an ennemy hwo never showed up, then  expressed...

Fort Charlotte, Nassau, Bahamas

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Fort Charlotte is the largest of the 3 Forts in Nassau. Is was built in 1789, By Lord  Dunmore (  meanwhile, the French Revolution was steaming!!)...

Paradise Island, Bahamas

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”EUro-Alsace Building” and its ”green wall” at Gare de l'Est, Paris

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Awesome "Green Wall" at Euro ALsace Office-Building near Gare de L'Est.

Royal Towers, Paradise Island, Bahamas

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Amazing and delirious architecture of the Atlantis Royal Towers , Nassau, Bahamas. It reminds me  designs of hotels I did in another life in...

Paradise Beach, Bahamas

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Why did we come back fropm Heaven!!?? Today it's freezing in Paris, I got a terrible flu (some kind of unidentified virus "that will leave in a...

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