Gallow Law Cairn

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Tirada em 23-09-2008
If you want panoramic views over Ayrshire and Arran, it would be worth your while to take a detour uphill to the Gallow Law Cairn - the gallows being an old Scots name for “an elevated station for a view”.
Make sure you take your camera and binoculars – not only to relish the scenery but also for the deer, fox, barn owl, raven, hawks and other woodland birds which make this area their home.
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Latitude: 55° 35' 23" N, Longitude: 4° 19' 54" W see »

Localização: Sornhill, United Kingdom

Comentários sobre esta panorâmica:

Cairn marks centre of 60'0 diameter circle of standing stone erected from time before the Pyramids.
These stones unlike Stonehenge were recycled and can now be found in the foundations of buildings nearby.
This site was restored in 2008 and started spinning a year earlier in preparation for 11/11/11 and 21/12/12.
The site is open all year and is well worth a visit at any time of each day. Sunrise and Sunset are of course very special times for those attuned to Cosmos and Solar System.
Por Alex Christie | 02-01-2013 - 17:58:27 GMT +0100
I can now add the address of the organisation which assisted the restoration in 2008.

Irvine Valley Regeneration Partnership
Por Alex Christie | 19-01-2013 - 02:01:15 GMT +0100

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