Unisphere :: New York City

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Tirada em 12-01-2008
Unisphere - Queens,  New York City - http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Unisphere

Sam Rohn :: Location Scout :: New York City ::http://www.nylocations.com
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Mais informação em: http://www.nylocations.com

Latitude: 40° 44' 44" N, Longitude: 73° 50' 41" W see »

Localização: United States

Comentários sobre esta panorâmica:

Very cool but for me a little bit exaggerate the black and white conversion, I like it because it´s unnormal but if you watch the clouds you will see compression artifacts. ;)
Por Bernard | 20-02-2008 - 14:45:26 GMT +0100
thanks bernard - this was just a test with a new D300, i wasnt thrilled with the image in color, the B&W worked better for me...

guess i'll have a go at cleaning up the sky :)

Por Sam Rohn :: nylocations.com Rohn :: nylocations.com | 21-02-2008 - 06:17:08 GMT +0100
It will be better like that. How it´s working the D300? Could be better for the dinamic range? . Could be my next camera!!
Por Bernard | 21-02-2008 - 08:13:11 GMT +0100
D300 is very nice, cant say i've noticed any probs with DR, but the high ISO is way better than D200...

the artifacts in the dark part of the sky are not from compression btw, although they look like it, they are apparently caused by the CS3 B&W conversion process when you push it a little too far like i did :)
Por Sam Rohn :: nylocations.com | 22-02-2008 - 07:18:39 GMT +0100
fixed it up a bit, a bit of noise ninja on the sky seems to do the trick -
Por Sam Rohn :: nylocations.com | 22-02-2008 - 07:58:19 GMT +0100
Yes it´s the best option or you could blur a little bit the blue channel and that´s it. Congratulations Sam very good pano, next week I will hang one in duotone :). Try the D300 with DR sure it´s has to be very good for that option. :) .
Por Bernard | 22-02-2008 - 08:09:42 GMT +0100
Much better now!!!!! Wow !!!!!
Por Bernard | 22-02-2008 - 08:16:58 GMT +0100

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