Hayden Planetarium :: New York City

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Tirada em 15-04-2008
Originally built in 1935, the Hayden Planetarium was rebuilt in 2000 as part of the Rose Center for Earth & Space, itself part of the American Museum of Natural History

Sam Rohn :: 360° Panoramic Photography :: http://www.samrohn.com :: Location Scout :: http://www.nylocations.com :: New York City
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Latitude: 40° 46' 54" N, Longitude: 73° 58' 22" W see »

Localização: United States

Comentários sobre esta panorâmica:

Sam at what time was taken that photo?
Por Bernard Custard Gascó | 05-07-2008 - 12:07:04 GMT +0200
funny you should ask...

a bit of an experiment, i bracketed 9 exposures, exif says 19:08:36 - 19:17:56, f5.6, 1/15 - 15 sec, iso 200 - almost 10 minutes for the whole series, in the rapidly setting sun, i was sure it wouldn't work out, sunset was at 19:33...

enfused the resulting images with bracketeer, they looked ok, stitched, then just a bit of adobe lightroom, boom - worked out rather well in the end

but now i'm wondering about what the D700 could do in these situations :)
Por Sam Rohn :: nylocations.com | 05-07-2008 - 14:10:42 GMT +0200
Jajajaa, I said that for the clouds i didn´t know well if you shooted before the sunset or after the sunrise Because you just pick up the best time for doing it. About the Nikon D700 will see how it works, because remember that the new 7D it´s coming soon.

I think someone perhaps could borrow me the new D700, I would let you know. The pixel battle it´s over now,the key it´s on the dynamic range :) as Christian Blonch said.

Good pictures Sam, today I just shooted 9 panos to do the dynamic range because picture need it, so I would let you know the results.
Por Bernard | 05-07-2008 - 17:43:21 GMT +0200
thanks, i'm more of a night person, i prob see more sunrises before i seep, than after i wake -

ill prob be able to get my hands on a D700 too, im hoping the results will not be so compelling that i will feel the need to buy one...

HDR sunset panos are tricky, i shot several others that didn't work out as well, seems i'm always busy w/ other things during the best weather...
Por Sam Rohn :: 360° Panoramas | 06-07-2008 - 04:27:49 GMT +0200
Sam ,
great pano ,
is it possible to auto bracket D300 for  9 exposures with preset steps
or did you use manual approach or laptop ?
Por Jann Lipka | 06-07-2008 - 11:15:28 GMT +0200
Sam , it´s one of the best time to take good ones. If you want good results that´s the price you have to pay and also with hdr  we can get much better results :) . D700 has to be very good for sure.
Por Bernard | 06-07-2008 - 13:01:50 GMT +0200
jann - yep, D300 will bracket up to 9 shots, up to 1 stop apart each, same as D200, D700 is the same -

D200 had a dedicated bracket button, handy for HDR, but it was removed on D300 & D700, too bad, now its part of the function button...

bernard, what do you use for HDR ? i was using photomatix, but i'm much happier with the results from enfuse, not clear if enfused images should really be called HDR though...

i think the real cost here is HD space, 6x9(+RAW) images per pano, ouch !
Por Sam Rohn :: 360° Panoramas | 07-07-2008 - 03:15:51 GMT +0200
correction: that should be 9x9 images, 81 images per pano, bracketing 9 stops for 9 separate images w/ nikkor 10.5mm f2.8
Por Sam Rohn :: 360° Panoramas | 07-07-2008 - 03:20:42 GMT +0200
You are right, the cost in HD it´s the space and aswell the  time. I thing the real factor is, how many clients are prepared to pay that type of work?.

Sam I use photomatix and sometimes enfuse does the right work but other times hdr does it. In depence i use photomatix because i´m a mac user and we haven´t got to many choices, don´t we? But normally I export all my work as separate tiffs and then start to work on photomatix, because it´s much better if you want to retouch things.

Enfuse it´s very good tool, but sometimes when you want another type of pano as perhaps more surreal, artistic or what ever you prefer to call it, can´t do it with enfuse and also you have to keep in mind saved as .exr ( much better, because it´s less bigger file and more extensible to other programs) and retonemapping the times you want it.

by the way, talking about the bracketing i though that D300 could do 9 shoots , so 5d can, but I just tried the Olympus E3 and I was surprise with the brackting system because It can take 5 shoots between 3 stops, so as a result with out computer you could take 25 shoots all bracketed. I didn´t have enough time to process the pictures but it´s very usefull.
Por Bernard | 07-07-2008 - 10:46:22 GMT +0200
Bernard, you could try bracketeer which is based on Enfused ...

what put me a bit off with D300 is maximum bracket is just 1 step , with RAW it is quite little difference  ...
I would like at most 5 shots wit 2 steps in between .
Por Jann Lipka | 07-07-2008 - 12:21:23 GMT +0200
I did it and it´s very good. Jann that´s what i just tried this weekend but it wasn´t with 10mm lens :(. But the olympus E3 has that option.
Por Bernard | 07-07-2008 - 21:22:26 GMT +0200
Jann I just saw the Nikon D300 specifications and it has what you asking for or at least it´s what i understand reading them.

Por Bernard | 07-07-2008 - 21:54:12 GMT +0200
i think jann means he would like the D300 to bracket 2 stops apart, (like canon does) so you could get 0, +2, +4, -2, -4 in 5 shots, rather than the 9 it takes w/ nikon, which will not bracket more than 1 stop apart per shot -

i actually use bracketeer myself, great app, i throw all 81 images at it as a batch, stitch the resulting 9 images, then a bit of photoshop (or lightroom) - makes for a reasonably quick workflow, but with RAW, i only get like 10 panos on 8 GB card :(

best "surreal" panos i've seen are these, make me wanna go shoot some abandonments...  http://www.360icon.com

Por Sam Rohn :: 360° Panoramas | 11-07-2008 - 12:35:37 GMT +0200
jann, you asked earlier if i auto-bracketed, yes, i think fiddling w/ the camera body would lose me some sharpness...

cant wait for nikon control app for iphone :)
Por Sam Rohn :: 360° Panoramas | 11-07-2008 - 12:39:22 GMT +0200
Yes , I think one step apart is too little ( = waste of time/space )
My 1DS Mark3 can bracket nicely , but most of the time I would
limit bracketing to  3 images 2,5 steps apart ..
Mark3 is just little to heavy for my NN3 ...

( resolution wise 5 D is enough , I have to downscale to 1700 px cubes for ViewAt )
I'm bit tempted to buy 700D , but I think I'll wait until new 5D comes ..
Por Jann Lipka | 11-07-2008 - 12:45:18 GMT +0200

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