Benelli Club of Sweden showing bikes from 1968-1978 at Barkarby airport of Stockholm

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Tirada em 16-08-2009
at Classic car  meeting in Stockholm
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Latitude: 59° 24' 56" N, Longitude: 17° 53' 16" E see »

Localização: Sweden

Comentários sobre esta panorâmica:

Dommage pour le fantôme au-dessus de la petite moto jaune. Je trouve que le panoramique plat rend mieux que le sphérique. Cordialement...
Por Rodadur | 18-08-2009 - 16:44:46 GMT +0200
merci pour votre commentaire,
Désolé pour le "fantôme" - qui est passé maintenant!
(Et une chose est corrigée ...)
Por Jann Lipka | 19-08-2009 - 11:52:16 GMT +0200
Wow, Jann, I love that HDR look of your last panos (I'm assuming they're not real hdr pictures as there are so many people moving around they all would look like ghost, but what do I know...) I wonder if I'd be able some day to make such a crisp picture....meanwhile I'll try to keep learning from yours :D
Por Enrique Alvarez | 20-08-2009 - 09:25:33 GMT +0200
Enrique -
Enjoyed your graffiti pano recently
( and several others as well)  .

I have the same lens as you  - Tokina .

I think it is Ok lens  with the sharpness - but I'm struggling
anyway with sharpening and tonemapping .

I think KRPano flash player of 360 Cities gives slightly better detail  then ( but like the interface of Viewat more .. )  

Regards from Stockholm
Por Jann Lipka | 20-08-2009 - 09:49:24 GMT +0200

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