Panorama photographers' party in Tokyo

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Tirada em 24-10-2008
I'm sorry. It's just a snapshot of our family circle.
But perhaps you can enjoy this scene in the Japanese style pub.
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Latitude: 35° 40' 15" N, Longitude: 139° 46' 12" E see »

Localização: Japan

Comentários sobre esta panorâmica:

In spite of some errors of stiching, I like this pano because of a good ambience and direct  people expressions.

Por Hubert Pawlowski | 27-10-2008 - 11:53:55 GMT +0100
I agree with the previous comment. Great ambience and nice pano.

Por Ali E. Nourbakhsh | 27-10-2008 - 19:58:57 GMT +0100
sorry for this way of contact, but I found no email adress.

I just wanted to tell you that I used one of your images on one of my blogs:

Please feel free to get in touch!

All the best and big thank you
Tam Hanna
Por Tam Hanna | 23-11-2008 - 03:06:51 GMT +0100
Cheers, all!

All my photos are given from heaven and Creative Commons licensed. Use them freely!
Por Masato OHTA (heiwa4126) | 24-11-2008 - 12:05:03 GMT +0100

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