ViewAt Authors meeting in Bangkok - Thailand

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Tirada em 04-03-2008
ViewAt Website allow me to meet Vorapoj Songcharoen (Poj) and Wisanu Choonhachinda (Wiz), 2 other talented Panoramic Photographers from Thailand, here was the dinner along Chao Phraya River after the Wat Arun Panoramic shooting session,
was a nice time :-) so there 3 Viewat Contributors in this pano, i hope - in near future - some others do better with a larger number of us ;-)
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Latitude: 13° 44' 43" N, Longitude: 100° 29' 25" E see »

Localização: Thailand

Comentários sobre esta panorâmica:

Great to see you back David, waiting to see this short for long time, interesting composition and idea, great work, pixel perfect! Hope we could do it again sometime soon!
Por Vorapoj Songcharoen | 21-02-2009 - 20:11:20 GMT +0100
This coming March, the 14-27 my wife and I will be there.
We will make route across the country but we will stay a few days in Bangkok.
I don't make panoramas as my colleague Bernard, but that is no excuse to try to meet you one day on the great metropolis... :-D
Por Iban Borràs | 24-02-2009 - 13:06:53 GMT +0100
Is there any possibility that I could go inside the luggage with out paying anything? Jajajaja, what a journey , ehhh!!!!!!. Poj becareful with Iban :P it´s a little bit dangerous guy. I will give him a few things for you.

It´s a shame that we can´t meet you perhaps next time.
Por Bernard | 24-02-2009 - 22:54:11 GMT +0100
May be i will be there too in March...
Por David | 25-02-2009 - 09:38:40 GMT +0100
Oh! Would be great :-)
Por Iban Borràs | 25-02-2009 - 10:22:17 GMT +0100
Hope I will be a good host this time...
Iban! let me know if you need anything or want to go anywhere.  for Dave, thanks for the wonderful picture (cause i'm in the pic)
Por Wizanu choonhachinda | 26-02-2009 - 01:41:47 GMT +0100
wow, I got a idea, Bernard how this sound to you "ViewAt International Meeting in Bangkok 2009"
Then we come to travel, talk, eat, shoot pano and having fun. Any more people want to join :-)
ha ha
Por Vorapoj Songcharoen | 26-02-2009 - 03:47:28 GMT +0100
Great idea! Although you have to excuse my bad English ...
My wife will have to make a translator ... hehehehe!
Por Iban Borràs | 26-02-2009 - 09:43:47 GMT +0100
Hi Wiz , yes you look good on picture ;-) hope to see more of your panoramics views soon...
Por David | 27-02-2009 - 21:40:41 GMT +0100

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