Ávila, Spain.

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Plaza característica de Ávila (Spain)
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Latitude: 40° 39' 20" N, Longitude: 4° 42' 7" W see »

Localização: Ávila, Spain

Type: Country:
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Fortress Bip

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The fortress Bip (architect V. Brenna) was erected and the park Mariental was laid out on the Tyzva River in 1795-97.

Por Andrew VarlamovSilver

Onjala Sky Painting


Native Life, Dunes and Colours of Namibia

Por Wilfried Glocar

The world viewed from my bedroom window !


A storm coming from the north....

Por Jean-Pierre Scherrer

Good Morning Namibia


Not a bad place for a birthday party. Thanks Jan for playing the guitar.

Por Wilfried Glocar

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